The Chief Minister of Karnataka is ready to answer the border issue!

Belgaum dispute Chief Minister

Belgaum Border Dispute- In view of the hearing on the boundary issue in the Supreme Court on November 23, the Maharashtra government has constituted a high-powered committee to present its case in the court. A meeting of the High Powers Committee of the Government of Maharashtra was held in the background of the hearing on Monday. After this meeting, the Karnataka government became restless and now Chief Minister Bommai is preparing to present his side in the Supreme Court on the border issue.

Speaking to reporters in Bengaluru, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai reacted to Karnataka’s stand on the border issue. He said that a strong panel of lawyers has been prepared to resolve all issues related to the Maharashtra border issue and that the state government is capable of keeping the borders of the state safe.

Regarding the state boundary question, Adv. Mukul Rohatgi, Adv. Sham Dewan, Karnataka Adv. Uday Holla, Belgaum Adv. Maruti Jirli and Adv. Raghupati’s -team of senior lawyers has been formed. The said lawyers have met two to three times and they have outlined their position and how to argue with regard to the Karnataka-Maharashtra border issue. A video conference has also been organized in this regard today and the government has also sent letters to the leaders of the opposition parties in both the Houses to determine the steps to be taken regarding the border issue. The Chief Minister said that we have made all preparations to keep  our side strongly in the Supreme Court.

The Chief Minister has expressed his belief that the application filed by the Maharashtra government will not be accepted. Moreover, the main case of border question is not taken up and may not be able to stand. In that regard, the Government of Karnataka will argue that the application filed by the State of Maharashtra should not be considered. Bommai opined that the State Reorganization Act has been framed under the third pillar of the Constitution and there is no instance of a situation arising out of which it should be reviewed.

The border question has become a political tool in Maharashtra. The party in power uses the border issue for political gain. They have not yet succeeded in the border issue but the Karnataka government is capable of protecting the borders of the state and steps have been taken in that regard. The Chief Minister also said that when it comes to Karnataka’s land, language and water, we work together and fight together.

After the overall reaction of the Chief Minister, it is felt that Bommai is afraid of the High Power Committee in the background of the hearing on the border issue. The Karnataka government has now started fighting as it is confident that the Maharashtra government will stand up for the border dwellers through the High Power Committee.

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