The development of the district collector’s office on the occasion of the winter session!

The winter session will be held at Belgaum Suvarna Soudh and on this occasion, development work has started on a war footing at various places in Belgaum. The winter session, which is paid for at the expense of crores of rupees, achieves nothing but chaos. However, since the ministers of the entire state are arriving in Belgaum, development works have been undertaken at various places.

In the background of the winter session, the road works have been started in the collector office premises and roads, gutters, sheds and parking arrangements are being provided here. It has been pointed out that the said development works are being done at a cost of around one crore rupees and due to this the trees are also being slaughtered.

During the development work started on Tuesday, two trees in the premises of the Collector’s office were cut down, making the area look deserted. There are many important offices including Zilla Panchayat, Provincial Collector’s Office, District Library, Regional Commissioner’s Office, Information Office in the Collector’s office premises. The condition of the roads here has become very pathetic and the number of accidents has also increased here.

The said development works have been undertaken on behalf of Smart City, Public Works Department and Buda and a fund of Rs. 1 crore has been sanctioned for this purpose and Rs.

Court Road to Zilla Panchayat and District Collector’s Office to District Library, Kakatives, Provincial Magistrate’s Office area are included. Parking arrangements are being made for four-wheelers and two-wheelers in front of the district magistrate’s office, while a shed is being erected for the agitators in front of the collector’s office.

There is a demand from the common citizens that the district administration should not define development only in the name of roads, sewers and streetlights, but should move forward from the point of view of the overall development of the common citizens of the district.

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