‘The Kerala Story’ also set a record in earnings

Delhi: ‘The Kerala Story’, which is now making a huge noise in the cinema field, has written a new record.

May Sudeepto Sen’s ‘The Kerala Story’, which was released on the 5th, was in the news due to some controversy. The film is said to contain the story of a young Hindu woman from Kerala who converted to Islam and joined ISIS from there.

Initially, the film team had said in the teaser that 32 thousand Indian women had joined ISIS in this way. There was huge opposition to this and after it was found to be false, the film team removed many scenes including the scene of 32 thousand women.

But the controversial movie is slowly doing well at the box office. Everyone who saw the movie also told about the incident that happened in their life. On Saturday (May 13), the movie earned Rs. 19.50 crores and in 9 days of its release, the movie collected a total of Rs. 112.87 crores. The figures are published as earned.

Thus, ‘The Kerala Story’ has emerged as the second highest grossing film in Bollywood this year. Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and other languages ​​have won the hearts of the audience. According to the report, artists like Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani have acted in the movie.

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