Tollywood actor Naga Shaurya is a hero in real life

Hyderabad: Tollywood actor Naga Shaurya has become a real-life hero by coming to the rescue of a girl who was slapped in public.

The actor, who fights for women’s rights in his films, plays a real-life hero when he is abusive to his girlfriend in the middle of a busy Hyderabad road.

A video clip of the actor is doing the rounds on social media, in which Naga Shaurya is seen repeatedly telling the man to apologize for slapping his girlfriend.

Naga Shaurya, who was traveling in a car, noticed a man slapping a young woman in the middle of the road, stopped and asked the man to apologise. As the man said, “She is my lover”, Naga Shaurya said: “She may be your lover, that doesn’t mean you can misbehave like this. Why did you hit her on the street? Apologize to her.” said that.

Passersby also asked the man to apologize to his girlfriend. A netizen shared the video of the entire incident on Twitter. Many Twitter users praised the actor for speaking out against the man’s abusive behaviour.

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