Traffic police put out potholes

Belgaum : The relationship between roads and potholes in Belgaum is unbreakable! Most of the roads in Belgaum are full of potholes!

Regardless of any plan or repair work, even roads that are in good condition are immediately uprooted and work is started. The sieve of the newly made roads flies in the first rain! But due to such roads and potholes on the roads, citizens have to travel with their lives in hand.

Not only during the monsoon, there are many complaints and statements regarding these potholes for 12 months of the year. But this is of no use.

Whether the administration takes notice or not, today it was seen that the traffic police has taken the initiative to fill the potholes on the roads in Tilakwadi. Tilakwadi has become a potholed road near the second railway gate. To fill these potholes, the police personnel of the traffic department here took the initiative and took a step forward to fill the potholes.Police pathholes

The video of filling the potholes is currently going viral on social media and the work done by the traffic police is being appreciated by the citizens and the administration is also being criticized.

This work must be done on behalf of the people’s representatives or the Municipal Corporation through the Public Works Department. But due to the neglect of this by Municipal Corporation and public representatives, this time has come and finally the traffic police had to take the initiative, such reactions are also being expressed on social media.

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