upskilling in india trends, more indians want to upskill in 2023 compared to other countries: latest report – more indians want to upskill in 2023 compared to global counterparts

Bengaluru, April 25, 2023: Leading ed-tech platform Great Learning has released the global edition of its ‘Upskilling Trends Report 2023’, following the publication of the Indian edition.

The latest edition dives into the worldwide trends that will influence people’s skill choices in 2023, especially in four key markets (based on peak demand for high-skill courses found in these regions) – the Americas, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Middle East Asian countries. The report sheds light on recent trends around the intention to upskill, factors that drive people towards upskilling, barriers that stop others from upskilling, impact of offices opening up for upskilling, etc.

These trends are derived from a combination of Great Learning’s own learner behavior and benchmarks from a sample of working professionals around the world. More professionals in India consider superior skills more important to career longevity than their global counterparts.

85% of professionals in India consider advanced skills important for their career longevity while globally, only 76% of professionals on average consider advanced skills important.

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84 percent of professionals in Southeast Asia and 76 percent of professionals in Latin America value advanced skills when it comes to their career longevity. In contrast, only 64 percent and 66 percent of professionals from more developed regions, such as the Americas and the Middle East, consider skills important to their career longevity.

Only 71 percent of Indian professionals are confident of keeping their jobs, compared to 59 percent globally.

Professionals in international markets considered to be less confident about their job security through uncertain macroeconomic conditions by 2023, a stark contrast to the optimism shared by Indian staff, the report said.

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The top challenges cited by professionals looking to upskill in the United States were ‘engagement with family’ and ‘affordability’, while ‘affordability’ and ‘continuity in office work’ were the main obstacles for professionals in Southeast Asia. Professionals in the Middle East find it challenging to upskill due to family commitments. Most professionals in Latin America and India struggle to upskill because they are ‘busy in office work’. ‘Affordability’ and ‘office work’ are the biggest barriers to upskilling for women in South-East Asia, while family commitments and household chores deter women from upskilling in other regions.

Speaking about this latest global report on upskilling, Arjun Nair, co-founder of Great Learning, said, “With the current economic climate and the fact that traditional roles are slowly being replaced by new, sophisticated jobs, there is a sense of anxiety among professionals who want to compete at the highest level. , will hopefully shed light on the motivation to upskill, the skills that are currently in demand, and ways to thrive with other insights. With 74 percent of professionals globally planning to upskill, the demand is already strong and we believe it will only grow from here.”

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