Water supply planning in the city collapsed

Belgaum : On the eve of summer, the people of Belgaum are facing water shortage and the planning of water supply in the city has collapsed. With only ten days of water supply in a month, it is time for city dwellers to buy water. Citizens are expressing their anger due to the problem of water shortage in the face of summer.

As the water supply is stopped for two to four days in the name of repair, the city dwellers have to struggle for water. In February itself, the water storage in Rakskop Reservoir has reduced.

In addition, on Sunday, the water has decreased by half a foot again and the city dwellers have to bear the brunt of water shortage in the beginning of summer and the citizens are worried about whether they will get water in the future.

The problem of water shortage has become serious in the city and once in every eight days water supply is being stopped in the name of repair. It is said by L&T company that the water supply will be stopped for two days after the repair work is completed. However, in reality, water is not supplied for four to five days. Earlier we had to wait two to three days for water. Even after eight to ten days, we are not getting water. Therefore, the time has come for the city dwellers to wander for water and anger is being expressed about the management of the L&T company.

In the month of January On 19th, water supply was stopped for three consecutive days for repair work. After that, for the repair of Hidkal water channels, Dt. As the water supply was stopped on January 30, dt. On 30th, 31st and 1st of February, the city dwellers did not get water for three days. After that d. On February 8, an artificial water shortage has arisen due to a leak in a water channel and it is time for the citizens to call water water.

Citizens are calling for tankers at their own expense. The prices of tankers have also increased in summer and one tanker has to pay 600 to 800 rupees, so they have to bear the financial burden. As the water supply has been disrupted, the planning of the city dwellers is a picture of a complete collapse.

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