what is new collar job, new collar job, white collar job, blue collar jobs? Which is more in demand? – what is new collar job blue collar job and white collar job which collar job is on demand

In the job market, one can see the categories of posts like new collar jobs, blue collar jobs, white collar jobs. But the meaning of these may not be known to the majority. So in today’s article information about these is given. It has also been told which collar jobs are in high demand.

What is New Caller Job?
It’s time for new collar jobs. Jobs that are done using advanced technology and soft skills are called new collar jobs.

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That means jobs that involve skills such as technology, analysis, math, creativity and time management learned through training without traditional education fall under new collar jobs.

There is a great demand for these new collar jobs. These collar jobs have higher wages in the job market than blue collar and white collar jobs. Also, there is job security for these collar posts. The main reason for this is that everything is digitized. It was launched in 2016.

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New-caller jobs can mainly be seen in 4 categories due to the digital technology they involve. Namely
– Healthcare
– Engineering
– Technology
– Software

List of high paying new-caller jobs
Computer Technician
Pharmacy Technician
Medical Assistant
Field Service Engineer
Dental Assistant
Web Developer
Director of Nursing
Ruby on Rails Developer

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What are white collar jobs?
Jobs that involve sitting in cubicles/desks in organized offices without much physical exertion are called white collar jobs. According to the Forbes report, more than 1 lakh white-collar employees will be out of a job in 2023. The reason for this is said to be lack of variety in his work. Also, it is said that many employees of this white collar are tired of their job style.

What are Blue Collar Employees?
The category of manual/physical work is known as blue collar employees. These blue collar workers are those who work with their hands in the field of building construction, manufacturing, driving without any office system. They are workers with their physical abilities. Builders, machine operators, truck drivers, assemblers perform blue-collar jobs.

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