Will the Congress clean the Ballari drain?

Wind measurement money was squandered to make Belgaum a smart city, but Ballari Nalla, which should be given primary attention, has been neglected. The development of the Ballari Nalla, which can drain the city during monsoons, which would be a boon to the farmers in the area, unfortunately did not happen during the previous BJP government. Now it is expected that the work will be done by the new Congress government.

While the encroachment of the Ballari drain was taking place, the farmers were protesting. Filed a claim in the Lokayukta court and got justice. Many businessmen have encroached without leaving the buffer zone as per rules. At the same time, a farmer has closed the mouth of the Ballari drain which is located in Angol Shiwar on the Yelloor road. In this way, if the way of rain water from Angol, Yelloor, Majgaon Shivara is blocked, the Yelloor road will definitely be closed due to heavy rains in the future. Apart from this, paddy crops in Shahapur, Vadgaon, Madhavpur, Junebelgaon Shivara will also be destroyed.

To add to the development, a footpath has been constructed over the drains built up to the Sri Siddhivinayak temple to facilitate early morning walkers. It is also going to be dangerous for agriculture. Because the silt coming from Shiwar as well as the silt coming from Vadgaon area will get stuck in that sewer and the way of water will be blocked. Due to the pavement, the silt accumulated in the drains cannot be removed easily. As a result, there will be no sewage in the houses in the area.

A good example of this is the condition of the Yeddyurappa Marg during monsoons. Who will be responsible if there is damage to agriculture and houses due to this footpath built on the sewer to Siddhivinayak Temple for those who go for a walk in the early morning? This question is being asked by the citizens and farmers of the area.Bellary

How much did the people suffer due to lack of oxygen during the corona epidemic? In fact, oxygen is naturally available free of charge from plants through tap water. Therefore, it seems that the government, district administration and some public representatives have decided to destroy agriculture and trees for the sake of development, instead of trying to keep a lot of agriculture and trees in the city area to provide natural health to the people. None of these seem to invoke the Karnataka Agricultural Revenue Act, 1964 (Section 95). The reason is the same. The farmer is ignorant of the law. Businessmen are achieving their goals by taking full advantage of it in the hands of the administration. In order to see the reality, the concerned public representative should ask for the answer. They should stand firmly behind farmers and realize that their honest efforts to restore health to other people or to clean large and small drains in the area will never go waste if the agriculture, trees are intact. Now that the monsoon is approaching, will the newly elected representatives and the government try to clear the Ballari which is full of water and silt at least for the time being and give relief to the farmers in the area? This has attracted everyone’s attention.

The previous Belgaum district guardian minister Govind Karjol had assured the media that 800 crores would be approved in the convention for the development of Ballari Nala. Now the BJP government has gone to him and he has lost from his constituency in the elections.
Then the new Congress government should pay attention to the cleanliness and development of Ballari Nalla. To stop the damage to the crops of the farmers in the area by removing water leaves and silt from the drain to some extent and opening the mouth of the Ballari drain which is closed by filling in uneven shivarat at Yelloor road. For this, Collector Nitesh Patil has also requested that the farmers should make a statement and take a proper decision after direct inspection through the Ryot Association. At least at present, there is a strong demand that the District Collector should inspect the drain before the monsoon and give relief to the farmers.

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