An attempt to carry off a girl by a stray dog

While a child was seriously injured in an attack by stray dogs in Angol this morning, at the same time, a stray dog ​​attacked a girl and tried to carry her away in Acharya Galli, Shahapur. The girl was seriously injured in the dog attack.

The name of the injured girl is Riddhi Kapil Malvi (aged 4 years). The information about this is that the wife of Kapil Malvi, a resident of Acharya Galli Shahapur, was washing her clothes nearby by sitting her daughter Riddhi on the steps in front of the house around 9 o’clock this morning. When she went to the house for some work while washing clothes, a stray dog ​​attacked Riddhi who was sitting on the steps and tried to take her away. At that time, when Riddhi started screaming desperately, her mother who came running and the nearby citizens managed to push away the dog and freed Riddhi from its cage.

As soon as he got the information about the incident, the corporator Ravi Salunkhe immediately rushed to the spot. Also, the injured Riddhi was quickly taken to the Civil Hospital and treated. Riddhi’s mouth, jaw, arm and waist are injured after being bitten by a stray dog.

In this way, the citizens are expressing intense anger due to the incidents of children being injured in the attack of stray dogs at two places in the city today.

Due to these attacks, the stray dogs in the city are not only a nuisance but now a life-threatening danger, so concerned senior officials along with the new mayor should pay serious attention to this. Also, there is a strong demand that war level action should be taken to settle these dogs permanently.

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