artificial intelligence impact on job, AI Impact on Job Cut: 1.4 crore job loss due to the impact of artificial intelligence! – 1.4 crore job loss due to artificial intelligence in next five years recession2k23

According to the World Economic Forum (WEF) report, AI will take away the jobs of 1.40 crore people or 2 percent of the current employment in the next 5 years due to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI – Artificial Intelligence) in companies with technology-based work.

Most of the technical companies globally will go for artificial intelligence software that can perform tasks at a faster and lower cost, replacing human jobs. The report has been released based on a survey of more than 800 global companies that have already automated 34 percent of their work, estimating that 1.40 crore people will lose their jobs.

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Employers will shed 8.3 crore jobs and hire 6.9 crore new workers by 2027, according to a report at the annual WEF Global Leaders’ Meeting. CNN reported that jobs such as data entry / clerk are going to lose more.

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While people around the world are at risk of losing their jobs due to the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in tech firms and the growth of the organization, employees in India will be safe, they will be more relaxed, says a report.

According to the World Economic Forum report, if the process of hiring new employees by removing old employees will be recorded at 23 percent globally, this rate will be recorded at 22 percent in India.

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Compared to other countries, India will record fewer job cuts over the next 5 years. In its report, the WEF cites that this is because countries with high populations such as India and China have more talented workers compared to foreign countries, and have recently engaged in quality, skill development.

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