top countries giving highest salary per month, Do you know in which country the employees get the highest salary?., see the report here..! – Top countries in the world giving highest salary per month check in Indian rupees

You should work well, at least go abroad for a couple of years and earn. Or go to Dubai and earn. Thus, those with higher education, especially those with technical education, tend to think more. When it comes to this income, who can’t stop thinking about which country gives the highest salary?

So which country offers the highest monthly salary?
One such question has been answered by a latest official report.

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Yes.. ‘World of Statistics Report’ has also released a report related to monthly salary of employees. It contains information about the list of highest paying countries in the world. According to its report, Switzerland is on the first place in the list of countries that pay the highest monthly salary. The average monthly salary of employees here is more than Rs.4 lakhs. Luxembourg, Singapore, which pay the same amount, are at the 2nd and 3rd positions. America is at the 4th position with a monthly average salary of 3.47 lakhs.

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India ranks 65 in this report. The average salary of employees here is less than Rs.50,000. Now Pakistan is at 104th position. China is ranked 44th.

The average salary of employees in a total of 23 countries is said to be less than Rs.1 lakh, and in the list of countries that give the average salary less than India, there are countries like Turkey, Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Colombia, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Nigeria, Egypt, and Pakistan.

Below is a list of some of the countries that offer the highest average monthly salary to employees.

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List of Highest Paying Countries in the World (in Indian Rupees)
Switzerland : Rs.4,98,567.
Luxembourg : Rs.4,10,156.
Singapore : Rs.4,08,030.
America : Rs.3,47,181.
Iceland : Rs.3,27,716.
Karta : Rs.3,25,671.
Denmark : Rs.2,89,358.
UAE : Rs.2,86,087.
Britain : Rs.2,39,139.
Sweden : Rs.2,22,534.
France : Rs.2,07,894.
Japan : Rs.1,98,489.
South Korea : 1,83,441.
South Africa : Rs.99,857.
China : Rs.87,426.
Russia : Rs.52,750.
India : Rs.46,861.
Bangladesh : Rs.20,854.
Pakistan : Rs.11,858.

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