Chigule Falls -Kankumbi

Chigule Falls -Kankumbi

Kankumbi is a Village in the Belgaum District of Karnataka. Surrounded by Dense Forests and Waterfalls, Chigule Waterfall is One of Them, Flowing Through the Protected Forest of Karnataka-goa.
Chigule Falls is 50 Km Away From Belgaum City. To Get There, Take the Belgaum – Goa Road (via Jamboti).
Chigule Falls is 4 Km From the Kankumbi Village.

The Village Chigule is About 5 Kilometers From the Kankumbi Village. People in This Village Have Deep Religious Beliefs and They Worship Their Tutelary God, Mauli, at the Old Temple. The Temple is Currently Closed but It Will Be Open for People to Gather for Special Permissions and Occasions.

The Temple is Accompanied by a Beautiful Time-stopping View Where You Can See the Mountains and Peacefully Enjoy Your View for as Long as You’d Like. Concrete Benches Are Provided for Sitting So You Can Take It All in.

Although Chigule Falls is Fairly New to the Waterfall Scene, It’s a Spectacular Place Worth Exploring. This Horsetail Waterfall Flows Mostly During Rainy Season, Which Means That if You’re Planning Your Trip to Avoid Long Weekends, Monday Through Friday Are Perfect!

How to Commute?
You Can Commute by Car or Bike, but You May Enjoy This Location More if You Visit It by a 4-wheeler.

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