Computer Literacy Test for Karnataka Government Employees is now an ordeal. The state government has now made it mandatory for the employees to pass the computer literacy test for promotion and annual salary hike.

It has given a deadline of December 31, 2022 to pass the computer literacy test. If not passed within this period, it has been warned that promotion, annual salary increment and other government facilities will not be available.

The government had extended the examination period many times for officers, employees of all departments, officers and employees of corporation boards. Meanwhile, it is necessary to pass by December 31.

The employees of some departments including Police Department, Health Department, Education Department, Corporation Boards have appeared for the examination many times but have not passed. Exam fear has started for those who do not have computer knowledge and those who have already taken the exam and failed.

Where to take Computer Literacy Test?
– Computer Literacy Test visit the website to know which districts the slot is open and take the test.

– There is no fee if you pass the exam once.

– A fee of Rs.359 has been fixed for those appearing for the second time.

– This test is mandatory for Group A, Group B, Group C employees except for some posts.

– 80 questions to be answered in 90 minutes.

For whom the test is not compulsory?
Not mandatory for drivers, constables, nurses, forest guards, excise guards, health workers, forest watchers, some D grade employees.

No training is given to employees for computer literacy test. However, the employees themselves have to go to the district centers and write the exam. It is difficult for those who have no computer knowledge to crack this exam.

Out of the total 2.55 lakh employees who took the exam till the end of 2021, 2.46 employees had written the exam. Out of them only 1.65 lakh employees have passed. Among the state government employees, more than 3.50 lakh employees have to take the exam.

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