how do you know you successful in interview, after the interview, do you know the predictions of companies giving you job offers? – How do you know if you have been successful in a job interview

Most of the companies after interviewing the job aspirants send e-mails only to selected candidates, HRs call and invite them for HR rounds. 50 people attend the interview, if 5 candidates are selected, when will the remaining 45 people get the call, when will the e-mail come, will I really get selected, I will call and ask. So, in today’s article, after the interview, how can the candidate know about his selection, what are the predictions of getting a job. Job aspirants read these tips without fail.

If you ask the question ‘If you are selected’, this is a prediction

No company interviewer will give away what they have in mind about an employee. But during the interview some questions are asked using common words like ‘If you choose but’, ‘If we hire you’. Interviewers ask such questions only when the candidate feels partially OK.

The interviewer’s body language indicates

The interviewer's body language indicates

If the interview goes well and the interviewer pretends to be comfortable listening to and changing their thoughts slowly and simply, their body language is also a predictor of the candidate being OK, good for you.

Appreciate that you like what you have to say

Appreciate that you like what you have to say

Sometimes the interviewer likes the answers given by the candidate and says that we like your profile, then the way the next interview is conducted can also be considered as a prediction of getting the job.

More than 2-3 rounds of interview


Usually 2-3 rounds of interviews or more rounds of interviews are taking place, it means you are suitable for that job role, so you have been called to gather more information. It is also a prediction that the employer is eager to hire you for work as soon as possible.

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Salary Discussion

Salary Discussion

Employers do not discuss salary during interviews unless there are factors that appeal to them. If you are discussed about salary, it means that most of them have decided to hire you. A two-round discussion about salary will partly determine whether you are OK / not OK.

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Indications are that you may not be selected

Indications are that you may not be selected

– The interview ends early.

– Not asking you more about introduction, work, experience about other employees.

– Asking more about the roll.

– Mostly negative discussion about the role.

– Lack of engagement with interviewer’s body language.

– Not talking about your future in the organization.

– Not giving any correct opinion about the interview with you.

– Other

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