how to handle interview questions examples, how to manage if you don’t know the answer to some questions in the interview? Learn here.. – how to handle interview questions which you do not know the answer

Do you know what are common interview questions?

Interview – This is the entry point to join any job. There will be many rounds of exams. Each job requires a different qualification. There will be one type of questions. One kind of experience is needed. Be it experienced, freshers or no matter how intelligent, it will be difficult to answer all the questions asked by the interviewer. So, in today’s article, how to answer unknown questions, how to deal with that situation is explained here.

Not all interviewers ask unexpected questions. The questions are always based on some of the answers you give, based on the information provided in your resume. How to handle the situation if you are faced with questions that you do not know the answer to. Should I say that I don’t know the answer directly? How to deal with such a situation..? It is necessary to know that before going to the interview.

Take time when you don’t know the answer
The first thing you should do when you don’t know the answer to an unexpected question an employer asks is to acknowledge the question. For example, by saying, “That’s a good question. Quite unexpected but very interesting,” etc., you should convince the interviewer that the question reached you. This is a good and intelligent way to escape the silence that often prevails in this context. Then take time to collect your thoughts, answer calmly and slowly whatever your answer is. Just don’t get distracted.

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Why the unexpected question?
Interviewers sometimes ask such questions to test candidates. In that case the objective is to know how the candidates handle the question rather than the correct answer. So whenever you come across a trick question like this, you can redirect it to something you know very well.

That means you can turn to what you know. For example, you have applied for the job of deputy editor at a newspaper. If the interviewer asks you about your experience with social media, you can acknowledge the question, then say something like, “Of course social media is an integral part of our lives. I applied for this job at your organization with the intention of learning more about social media. If I am selected today, a year from now. In answer to this question I promise to share good experiences. Because I am a good student who wants to learn in any subject”.

It is better to know these things before starting the job search!

Be honest
Some questions may not be answered. You may not know about some things. Even after taking enough time to answer such questions or trying to redirect it to your advantage, there will be some questions that you fail to answer. Do not spend more time on such questions and get certified.

If the interviewer is not familiar with the subject of the question, the subject may be said to be unfamiliar. But also saying that you are willing to learn about it. It shows that you have a problem-solving attitude and are honest and willing to learn. Learning is the best quality required for any job.

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Be confident
Just because you don’t know the answer in the interview, there is no need to get distracted. Be confident. As mentioned before, be standard.

Some of the interviewer’s questions are meant to elicit your response rather than the answers. How you handle such questions will help them determine your personality. So in some cases the interviewer is looking at how you handle the situation rather than what your answer is. Do not lose confidence under any circumstances. Answer confidently if you don’t know the answer. Have positive thoughts.

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