things to remove from your cv, Are you preparing a resume for a new job.. If so, don’t include these things..! – What are the things to remove from job resume examples

After corona entry, there have been changes in job search method, interview method, resume preparation method. Not only that, the methods of employment have changed. Strategies have also changed. By the way, online interviews are more common today. Work from home jobs are increasing. Even with these changes in mind, today’s unemployed should know what to include and what not to include in their CV.

Find out what topics candidates should not include in their resume as follows.
Home address
Very old job experiences
Matters unrelated to current post
Misinformation / Misinformation.
Social network usage information that is not required for your job
Salary History

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Any job in private sector, contract based positions in government sector etc. no job application can be submitted without resume. Your resume is your resume that you give.. Then there is no need to write ‘Resume’, ‘Curriculum’, ‘CV’ at the top of your resume page.

Objective Statement
A resume does not need general objectives and generic quotes as an objective statement. If your objective is to get a job, then why objective again when you are submitting a resume for it. Instead, it is advisable to provide the necessary skills and qualifications required for the job role.

Don’t list your hobbies and interests on your resume if they aren’t necessary for the job you’re applying for.

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Work Gaps and History
A history of gaps in employment can negatively impact your job. And if the job you are currently applying for does not require all of your previous experience, such work experience is not required.

Salary and expectations
It is not appropriate to give salary expectations without choosing the job. And you don’t even need to give how much salary you have taken in the past.

Additional contact information / references
A resume does not require too much personal information. Family information, religion, children, race, passport information is not required. Only name, e-mail, phone number should be seen primarily.

There is no need to provide references in the resume. But reference is required after shortlisting in interview. Business references do not apply to resumes.

It is better to know these things before starting the job search!

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