ias officer namita sharma success story, UPSC exam aspirants who are complaining that they are failing again and again must read this success story..! – ias officer namita sharma success story who left job and cleared upsc after failing 5 times

Once felladre.. hey, this is the first attempt, don’t spoil yourself. The pressure starts when you don’t qualify for the second time. There are many strong takers who did not qualify for the third time. On the other hand, there are those who are worried. There are many who have given up their dream of clearing UPSC because they did not qualify even in the fourth attempt. Such aspirants do not stop moaning. Because, alas, I struggled for four years. If you try again, you will not complain that you would have passed.

UPSC aspirants should read the success stories of civil service exam toppers frequently to avoid such lamentations. The person we are introducing today is no doubt an inspiration to candidates who repeatedly complain about failure. By reading about who he is, what his success journey was like at least once, any exam preparer will not complain about failure. If so, who are they?

He is.. Namitha Sharma

This is her UPSC journey told by Namitha Sharma herself..

“Failed prelims 4 times and wrote mains 2 times. But saw my name in the result sheet in my 6th and last attempt. Passed it with 145 rank. Before civil services I changed two jobs. Worked in private sector too, govt job”.

Namitha Basekali Engr

Namitha Basekali Engr

Namitha Sharma graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering. Later, he joined IBM company as a software engineer and served for two years. But could not be happy in this work. Later, he resigned from this job and decided to prepare for the UPSC exam.

In which batch passed UPSC?

In which batch passed UPSC?

Namitha wrote the UPSC CSE exam a total of 6 times. Qualified the main exam only twice. But qualified for the interview in the 2018 batch, his hard work finally paid off in the 6th batch. Cleared CSE exam in 2018 batch and joined Indian Revenue Service.

In which service is Namitha?

In which service is Namitha?

Although Namitha is basically a software engineer, she cleared the UPSC CSE exam with 145th rank. Then the service he chose was Indian Revenue Service. Presently he is serving as Tax Assistant in Central GST Department.

He used to work in a factory and sleep on a platform. This is the success story of an IAS in 101st rank..!

What is Namitha Sharma’s Mains Optional Subject? What was his reading strategy?

What is Namitha Sharma Mains Optional Subject?  What was his reading strategy?

Namita UPSC CSC Exam Optional Subject Sociology.
Namitha failed 5 times in CSE exam. However, he read without interruption and had done a lot of revision of everything he had read before. He also used to read current affairs a lot. Repetition is the most time-consuming task for Fela candidates. The more you read, the more confidence you will gain.
Along with studying, they have practiced a lot by taking revision tests, full tests, sectional tests for their success. These techniques are used more and more, believing that mock tests help to correct more mistakes, time management, speed us up.

He resigned from the post of IAS and started his own business and became successful..!

Namitha Sharma’s words for those who complain that they have failed

Namitha Sharma's words to those who complain that they have failed

If you are looking for motivation to clear UPSC exam, join national service, my CSE exam journey will be useful. We should believe in ourselves more and do what we think is best. Namitha said that success will be ours only then. Good strategy for UPSC exam, time management is very important. Don’t complain about not clearing the exam once. We have to develop ourselves every day. Your every competitor is you. Only then you will be able to correct yourself daily and walk towards the goal. Rumor has it that the prelims exam will only be the beginning of a long war.

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