offline part time job for under 18 years, best offline part time job opportunities for 10th pass student.. – what are some good offline part time job for under 18 and 10th pass student

There are many types of offline part time jobs for students who have completed 18 years and SSLC / 10th pass. Those who study in regular college or evening college and have to bear their education expenses themselves or who think that they have to work along with their studies due to the financial situation of the family, read the following part time job references.

Retail stores
Many retail stores like grocery stores, clothing stores, sporting goods stores, petrol stations also hire part-time employees. Here students can join many jobs like sales department, stock department, helping customers.

Part time jobs that can be done while studying

Food service
Many restaurants, fast food centers hire part time employees as servers, cashiers, cooks / cook assistants. Can work here too.

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Delivery service
Some businesses and businessmen hire delivery employees part-time to deliver their services to others. Delivery employees are required to distribute leaflets, deliver materials, products.

Work at a babysitting center
In rural areas, this babysitting concept may be less. But there is a demand for babysitting centers in urban areas. Many families prefer to keep their children in babysitting centers during duty hours, weekends and holidays. Taking care of children’s needs can be done on a part-time basis.

Pet sitting
Some families don’t want to leave their pets alone when they move far away from home. In such cases pet sitters are hired. These jobs can be done.

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Have you passed SSLC? Do you have the ability to teach the same knowledge to your younger ones..? Then the only decent job is tutoring. Along with teaching lessons, it helps to solve some financial problems.

Gardening means keeping and maintaining the garden around the house. Part-time gardening jobs are easily available in towns and cities.

Car washing
Some families hire someone to clean their personal cars from time to time. Such jobs can be done comfortably by those who need part-time work.

You must be 18 years of age legally to do some of the above jobs.

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