tips to prepare for upsc with job, can you study for upsc exam by working from 9 am to 5 pm? Is success possible? – how do i prepare for the upsc while working from 9am to 6pm

Many people may have read the stories of those who have already prepared well for a government post and got success, then read again for UPSC and got success in our UPSC section. But our today’s article is about another challenge.

How to study for UPSC exam after completing office duty from 09 am to 05 pm? Is success possible?

Importance of note taking during competitive exam preparation

Answers to such questions are given here based on the experience given by those who have appeared for the UPSC examination after doing duty from 09 am to 05 pm. How challenging this journey was, you will know if he clears the exam.

Well, the UPSC aspirants who have answered this question of Vika, said that they worked from 09 am to 05 pm and prepared for the exam but did not get success. But he has told here what to do for success, how to study, what to give up, why he has not achieved success.

Here are the toppers success tips for UPSC mains exam candidates..!

Along with work, we have to study for UPSC exam which means we have to give up many subjects/activities first. For that our mind also needs to be made up and arranged. You can start preparing for UPSC if you adhere to the following.

  • Both work place and family social life should be abandoned.
  • No outgoing, no party, no trip.
  • Journey from home to work, from work to home only.
  • Break for more sleep.
  • Avoiding any social media use.

As soon as the mind is fixed for all the above, the UPSC preparation should start as follows.
– At first a good plan should be made.
– The lunch time and tea time in the office should somehow be stolen and used for UPSC preparation.
– By using public transport, one can read as much as possible while travelling.
– If you reach home at 07 to 07-30 at night, you can be refreshed and relaxed in 30 minutes. Then can read from 08 to 10 hours. Again take 30 minutes lunch break, then study from 10-30 to 12 hours or 01am. One can also read e-papers (mainly editorial) for 30 minutes after 1 hour.
– You can wake up at 6-30 in the morning and leave for duty fresh.
– Better preparation is possible by continuing the same routine Yes.

UPSC preparation work can be easy only if you set your mind to this above plan. There are some aspirants who have left their plans in half without being able to read from letter to letter even if the travel time is long with work. There are also successful people. Read the example by clicking the following link.

Akshita Gupta cleared UPSC exam in first attempt after studying for 14 hours along with work

UPSC success is not just how many hours you have studied but how you studied, knowledge level, understanding level, memory power, comprehension power, smart study, etc. results are based on many factors. When so many citizens have already passed the UPSC exam along with another job, I have to read it with a feeling of wonder why I can’t do it.

A UPSC aspirant, who shared his experience, said that after two years, he gave up on his UPSC dream as he had too much travel time.

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