what is 7 5 3 rule of cse answer writing, do you know about 753 answer writing rules in UPSC exam, 80:20 reading rules? – what is 7 5 3 rule of upsc answer writing

From school exams to country’s toughest exam, UPSC exam, be it for preparation or write the exam, teachers, mentors give simple methods, tips. Also, the rules/methods of how to read and write the answer in order to score more marks are given.

Similarly in UPSC exams also there are some rules for writing answers, scoring more marks, best preparations. They may not be heard by the majority. Today’s article tells about them.

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Do you know about 753 rule of UPSC exam answer writing?
One method of writing answers to UPSC exam questions is called the 7-5-3 rule. This can be called a simple rule for candidates to write answers. Also aspirants may say that it is very important to follow this rule. So what does this 7-5-3 mean..
7 – Candidates should aim to answer any question within 7 minutes.
5 – Compulsory writing of 5 points related to the main topic of the question.
3 – Candidates write answers in 3 dimensions or 360 degree dimension with respect to key points.

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These above rules are known as important rules for writing answers to UPSC questions.

80:20 Rule Exam Preparation
Some of the candidates are not even aware of these rules. This is a suggested rule to study for UPSC exam. This is called the Pareto Principle. According to this rule, 80% return is obtained from 20% investment. These rules are applied in many fields. It can also be understood in many definitions.

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Regarding UPSC exam preparation candidates should revise the most important topics two weeks before the exam. Do not touch new topics. Also, it is advisable to spend more time reading on your weekly topics instead of the topics you know more about. This rule focuses on exam preparation techniques.

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