why do you want to work interview tips, Interview Tips: Why do you want to work in our company? Here is the way to answer this question.. – why do interviewers ask why do you want to work for us in kannada know here

It is enough if you want to get a job. What kind of work can be done by preparing properly. Interview methods today have changed in many ways. Also, there can be a difference in the interview questions. One such question is ‘Why are you interested in working with our company’? Here is the method to answer this question.

In addition to the above question, why are you leaving the current company?, What kind of work do you like to do here? But no one knows why they ask these questions.

Do you know what are common interview questions?

So there are strong reasons behind asking such questions in interviews. John L. Miller, who has more than 25 years of experience as a recruiter in companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, has answered as follows.

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Why are you interested in working in our company?
Answer-1: ‘ This is my dream company. It has been my dream to join this company for many years. The reason is the company’s work culture, employment policy, facilities, opportunities for career growth.

Answer-2 : I like the job roll currently available here. By performing this job role, I see my career at an even higher level. That’s why I chose this company for this role.

Different questions of private companies asked recently and why they are asked are also mentioned.

Why are you interested in this job? (Why are you interested in this job?)
The above question is asked to know if the employees trust their knowledge and really want to work in the company, are they eager to get a job here, do they like to work with the team here, or have they just come for an interview to do some work in this company, or do they just want a work experience here. Through this it is decided whether the candidate should be selected or not.

What are common interview questions? How to answer?

Why have you decided to leave your current job? ( Why are you looking to leave your current job? )
Recruiters mainly want to know two things through this question. Like wanting to know if a candidate may have decided to leave their current company due to performance issues, join a different company to be attractive to another current employer, or is really just looking for a job change.

What do you expect from working here? (What do you expect to get out of working here?)
The interviewer by this question, ‘Does the candidate intend to leave the company, what will his life be like in this company, will help to know whether his expectations are realistic. Based on the candidate’s answers, it helps the interviewer to know whether they are motivated to succeed in this company, what they can earn, how much they deserve to be paid, what they can learn, what level they can rise in this company.

By asking the above questions, the interviewer can find out how motivated the candidate is, what their expectations are. Also, based on the answers given to the above questions, the candidate can be hired permanently or not.

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