how to search jobs in bengaluru as a fresher – how to find job in bangalore as a fresher

Be it IT field or any other field.. It is a bit difficult to get a good paying job in Bangalore as a fresher. However if someone got early it is only because of their relatives/friends referral.

If there are jobs that can be obtained through employment, they will be BPO and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing) positions. If you get a position through consultancy, you have to pay a lot of money.

If you are going to work as a fresher, first ask yourself the following questions
– Why are you not selected in campus interview/ any first interview?

Through this question understand what is wrong, what is lacking in your degree, what skills are lacking.

You must ask yourself these 6 questions before choosing your career..!

A real life example about IT jobs
There is one IT job for every 5 to 10 aspirants. One of them getting the job means having all the skills required for the existing IT job plus more skills, abilities, knowledge, experience or training required for the position.

The important points that the job aspirants need to know through the above example are.. You need the desired position, high salary, it doesn’t matter if you are a fresher with the qualifications required for the position, but you need the soft skills required to perform the position.

BA freshers should get good job, minimum salary up to Rs.15,000 means.. communication arts, computer knowledge, excel, tally all these skills should be there.

Should your personality change in 6 months? If so then follow these tips..

There are many ways for freshers to find jobs
– Contacting their relatives / friends / classmates or seniors who studied with you.
– Opening profiles on, LinkedIn and searching for jobs.
– Approaching job search consultancies.
– Or knowing what is the job you like, visit the websites of the companies that have that job and apply directly online.

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